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itinerary definition: 1. a detailed plan or route of a journey: 2. a detailed plan or route of a trip. Learn more. Late Middle English: from late Latin itinerarium, neuter of itinerarius 'of a journey or roads', from Latin iter, itiner- 'journey, road'. Itinerary definition, a detailed plan for a journey, especially a list of places to visit; plan of travel. See more.

An itinerary is your travel plan — where you will go and when you will be there. Itinerary definition: An itinerary is a plan of a journey, including the route and the places that you will | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Itinerary definition is - the route of a journey or tour or the proposed outline of one . How to use itinerary in a sentence.

Definition of itinerary in the notitigemo.tk dictionary. Meaning of itinerary. Information and translations of itinerary in the most comprehensive dictionary. Define itinerary (noun) and get synonyms. What is itinerary (noun)? itinerary ( noun) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary. Definition of itinerary: Complete travel schedule, as well as the itemized route of a means of transport. Definition of: itinerary. (ī·tin′ə·rer′ē, i·tin′-) noun plural ·ar·ies 1. A detailed account or diary of a journey. 2. A plan of a proposed tour. 3. An exploring tour, or . itinerary: A route or proposed route of a journey. specifically, pertaining to an official journey or circuit, as of a judge or preacher: as, itinerary observations.

itinerary definition: The definition of itinerary is a travel plan. (noun) An example of an itinerary is the list of dates and cities for a tour group. An example of an. itinerary meaning, definition, what is itinerary: a plan or list of the places you will vi: Learn more. An “itinerary” is a written schedule of your travel arrangements day-by-day. Define itinerary. itinerary synonyms, itinerary pronunciation, itinerary translation, English dictionary definition of itinerary. n. pl. i·tin·er·ar·ies 1. A route or.

Itinerary or Itineraries or Itinerarium may refer to: Contents. 1 Travel; 2 Arts, entertainment, and media; 3 Other uses; 4 See also. Travel[edit]. Itinerarium, an. A travel itinerary is a schedule of events relating to planned travel, generally including destinations to be visited at specified times and means of transportation to. Synonyms for itinerary at notitigemo.tk with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. itinerary. see definition of itinerary. nounplan of travel. Providing the maximum meaning of a word by combining the best sources with us. itinerary /noun/ ভ্রমণশীল, ভ্রমণ পুন্তক Share 'itinerary' with others.

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