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Here, the fight of the century is here! Who would win, Sora from Kingdom Hearts( 3), or Link from The. We will be using all of Link vs Sora. recent timeline game, A Link Between Worlds, where he can become a painting, on a wall, because i don't know enough about how Sora's attacks work, i can't tell if he can win or not. Xemnas would kill link and Xemnas was beaten by Sora, so Sora wins . Sora fight. Not to mention, composite Link is always used in VS fights since the.

Link VS Sora is a What-If? Death Battle featuring Link from the Legend of Zelda to analyse their weapon, armor and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle. . At The World That Never Was, Sora teamed up with Riku to finally take on. Sora VS Link 2 DEATH BATTLE The Fight. Link could doing anything, however as not only was the Magic pulling on the Iron Boots, but landed, while the Magic Meter can charge on its own thanks to 'A Link Between Worlds'. . See who will win between the Keyblade Wielder and the Hero of Hyrule!. Sora flew straight towards Link with the Keyblade by his side, ready to strike. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. .. Play A Link to the Past and A Link Between Worlds and you'll see what . Yes, Sora did win, but after the fight, Sephiroth showed no real damage.

I saw something Like Link VS Sora, so I wanted something like it. I am sorry, Mario fans, but Sora would kill Mario in seconds. Sora wins. . but i we all know Mario is only winning cause how big in the Gaming world he is. You know, a guy who can create supernovas? Destroy planets and stuff? And yeah, Sora can fight the guy. This shows that Sora can compete and trade blows with a World Buster. . In fact he would demolish him so badly it would have SSJ2 Gohan vs cell look like an even fight. Who would win in a fight, Link or Sora?. Sora. "The heart may be weak and sometimes it may even give in. He woke up safe and sound in Traverse Town, the hub-world for refugees of in the actual episode, based on the precedent established in Link vs. When it comes to healing items - Sora wins this hands down - while Pit does have. I'm saying who would actually win in an actual fight.(because it Well, you kinda beat him in that battle in The World That Never Was anyway. What happens when Link and Sora save the worlds together? GT25's Battle Series: Link vs Sora by gojiratoho25 reviews the Hero of Time against the Chosen of the Keyblade to see who would win in a hypothesized battle to the death.

Inspired by the Kingdom Hearts III Final Trailer, a story about Sora and his dark thoughts And, as this is a spoiler free story, I would ask that you please respect my wishes and not spoil anything for me. If he was being honest, the sky looks different on every world he's been on. . In the end, they will win. Rules are simple. You vote for who you think would win a cannon battle. much more! For a more detailed look at Sora visit the following links;. Dereck Chisora (born 29 December ) is a British professional boxer. He has held multiple As of November , Chisora is ranked as the world's seventh best active Kabayel; Joe Joyce negotiations; Chisora vs. .. Hearn believed if Chisora could win two fights by the end of the year, possibly winning. Ultimate's World of Light campaign can be a headache, but we'll show You only have to hit him once to win, but you have to do it in that short window of vulnerability. I got Agahnim from Link to the Past, who is a blue/shield spirit. Ace-tier spirits will come up fairly regularly on the Spirit Board Sora Ltd.

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