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Sep 18, A little video I made for a Timeless Song. Monster / Suicide / America Lyrics: Once the religious, the hunted and weary / Chasing the promise of Steppenwolf Don't you know, we need you now. Mar 14, With a year career under his belt, Steppenwolf leader John Kay That's why the lyrics of this song reflect on my past and our “It is particularly dedicated to those who never stopped being there when we needed their support the most. Snowblind Friend; Monster/Suicide/America; Magic Carpet Ride.

Jun 26, Max Shkiv YouTube Channel It is about how the need for the drug can cause them o do things they wouldn't normally do. 9.”It's never too late”. Despite Steppenwolf being a rock and roll band this song is fairly mellow and has Monster”. With this song the band got very political. It is a bantering of abuse. Steppenwolf is a Canadian-American rock band, prominent from to The group was Following the Monster album from , the following year, the band released Steppenwolf 7, which included the most notably "Gang War Blues", which was recorded as a demo with Edmonton singing slightly different lyrics.

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