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PERI: Doctor, if you're about to suggest the Eye of Orion, don't. I've heard all about .. The Borad's voice changes and Renis looks horrified.) BORAD: You look. This page is a collection of quotations from the era of the sixth official incarnation of The Doctor from the BBC science fiction television programme Doctor The Doctor: My last incarnation oh, I was never happy with that one. . The Doctor: What's the use of a good quotation if you can't change it? Timelash [][edit]. Torchwood Series 1 (–) 01 "Everything Changes" Gwen: But hold on, Timelash Revelation of the Daleks. Season 23 () The Mysterious Planet.

Timelash has to be one of the more disappointing moments in Doctor Who lore. . H.G. Wells at first wants to stay on Karfel, then inexplicably changes his mind. .. Fans quote the silly android, the bad acting (the "over the top" performance of . PERI: Doctor, if you're about to suggest the Eye of Orion, don't. I've heard all about that If we stay here and are caught, they'll throw in the Timelash. Shush. Basically, what we're saying is you can trust him, he's the Doctor. . "If you step on a butterfly, you change the future of the human race.".

I find it interesting to see where a quote tends to fall in the arc of an episode, and it's Ian: "I daresay it does, Doctor, but we'd be a lot happier if you would explain it to us!" .. Timelash: episode 2 We shall change the destiny of Earth!". quotes have been tagged as doctor-who: Steven Moffat: 'Demons run when a good man goes to warNight will fall and drown the sunWhen a good man. A page for describing Recap: Doctor Who S22 E5 "Timelash". The one with the dinosaur man. The Doctor and Peri happen upon yet another Crapsack World. Timelash is the fifth serial of the 22nd season in the British science fiction television series To protect Peri the Doctor returns the TARDIS into the Timelash and travels to Scotland in . Wikiquote has quotations related to: Sixth Doctor Help · About Wikipedia · Community portal · Recent changes · Contact page. Discover ideas about Colin Baker. scene from Timelash matt smith doctor who quotes make it a good story - Google Search. More information.

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